Transcendent Alliance

Supporting transgender people in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas

By working together the Transcendent Alliance provides support, information, events and much more for the transgender, or third gender community.

Based in Bedford, our catchment area is Bedfordshire and the 3 counties area, but anyone is welcome to come along. Our only joining requirements are that you do so with an open mind and friendly heart.

The Transcendent Alliance

Together we provide two support groups, Free To Be You, for 16-24 year olds, and Beau Bedford for 24 and above. Check out the links below.


Our local support group for young transgender people, those questioning their gender and for their families.


Our first local support group which started over 3 years ago now meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month. A safe and friendly haven for transgender people and friends to get together


In addition, the Transcendent Alliance runs regular social events to encourage personal empowerment of community members, and to foster an inclusive society where 3rd gender people are accepted and respected as equals by their binary gender peers. Link below:

Runnning every 1st Saturday of the month is MyT Night.

A friendly meet in the Flower Pot pub followed by music till you drop, or 3am whichever comes first. Hosted by Stacy, and Sasha "Live Wire" Cox, you're guaranteed to have a fun packed night with Bedfords No. 1 party girls.

Latest News

First some good news : Sarah Thomas of Beauty Lodge of Putnoe has been approved to provide NHS funded electrolysis, so those of you that require facial hair removal can get up to 8 sessions (provided you are already under care of a GIC   --  Also note that this is not enough to clear a full beard so still be prepared to spend  your hard earned cash still ) and unlimited treatment for hair removal required for surgery (though a little bit lilke your unlimited broadband they'll be asking questions if it goes beyond 20 sessions)


Staying with Putnoe we have some unsurprising news from Putnoe Medical Centre - they are officially incompetent when it comes to transgender issues -- just see their response to failing to follow a quite basic and well documented protocol.  Given how well other surgeries with far less resources have done this pathetic excuse should be considered unacceptable by the CCG (but maybe the CCG is incompetent to deal with transgender issues as well).



pmc response