The talliance site will be closing  by April 2019 and will not have further updates -- the support groups which had been operating in the Bedfordshire area closed over two years now and only the MyT night event is still running  and people who have followed this site will have found it has not been updated since last year. It's our intention to keep the the MyT night event running for the transgender community in the spirit of fun and inclusion which has always been a big part of our lives, but this is much more a social function than a full support or advice group.


We'd like to thank everyone who has given their time and support over the years .



The Transcendent Alliance


Free To Be You, the group for 16-24 year olds has now been closed  some useful links can still be found here:



In addition, the Transcendent Alliance runs regular social events to encourage personal empowerment of community members, and to foster an inclusive society where 3rd gender people are accepted and respected as equals by their binary gender peers. Link below:

Runnning every 1st Saturday of the month is MyT Night.

A friendly meet  in The Barley Mow followed by music till you drop, or 3am whichever comes first. Hosted by Stacy, and Sasha "Live Wire" Cox, you're guaranteed to have a fun packed night with Bedfords No. 1 party girls.


Sadly due to problems with the venue and the amount of effort required to maintain the group Beau Bedford has now stopped after 5 years of supporting our community. We'd like to thank Chris Page (and his mum) for everything they have done for all of us and wish them success and hapiness for the future.